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Find out what dot dot dash is about, and why we’re not just ‘another’ publication.
dot dot dash was named after the colon (:) and hyphen (-) that form the first part of an emoticon. The closing bracket, making the smiley mouth, alludes to everything that the site contains. “dot dot dash” is also - coincidentally - the morse code for the letter “u”, meaning (YO)U are involved in the very making of all of this, just as much as the management behind it.

dot dot dash was borne out of the need to give brand new, budding, or burnt-out creators a platform. I saw so many talented friends hit a dead-end, simply because they weren’t given a chance. ddd exists as an open door, or a stepping stone, for creative people who need somewhere to build. ‘Creative’ could include - but is not limited to - journalism, photography, artwork and videography. The site aims to challenge more conventional publications, going on to discuss and explore all sorts of mediums: from the popular, to the less appreciated. 

It’s uncertain the ways in which this publication can grow, as it’s really up to the readers and contributors direct the content. Additional features will be added in due time to make it a more enjoyable, interactive experience, spreading across multiple social media channels. The main, consistent goal is that everyone feels welcomed and encouraged enough to get involved. 
So why take part?

It’s a great place to start a creative venture, or to pick things up again. It’s a way of validating your skills to others. It’s also just good to note down as experience - think of your resume/CV. Also, when applying for any kind of accreditation (interviews, photo passes), you can apply under our name. If you’re interested in this, please put in a request for accreditation with us under the Submit section before e-mailing an artist’s PR or management. We can also help you find these contacts, if necessary.

Because I’m running this completely off my own bat (at present), all accepted contributors to ddd will receive a hard enamel pin as a thank you for their work. This allows the site to run on a sort of Blue Peter badge basis (non-UK/younger readers: click-thru to see what I’m talking about)! These can ship out worldwide, there’s no restrictions. One pin is assigned to you on your first contribution, and each submission after that is voluntary. 

However, if you would like to make a small contribution to help keep ddd running, you can donate via PayPal or ko-fi - simply if you like the work we’re doing! Even if it’s just an e-mail to say so - or, to offer any constructive criticisms - it’s appreciated.