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This brand new bop from Blu DeTiger is set to ripple through your summer.
Published: 01/04/2022   Author: Ianthe Warlow
Photo: Cover art for ‘Hot Crush Lover’.
It’s no secret that the multi-talented Blu DeTiger is already having an excellent year. If you hadn’t already caught wind of her viral bass jams on social media, perhaps you’ve seen her accompanying Jack Antonoff on Saturday Night Live; gaining a Netflix songwriting credit; or more recently lending her skills to Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘driving home 2 u’ film. The next thing for Blu DeTiger? Up there along with world domination, today brings the sweet as sugar new single, ‘Hot Crush Lover’.

First picking up a bass at 7 years old, she never looked back. She went on to DJ at New York clubs with her bass by her side when she was 17, and first revealed her songwriting prowess aged 20. Now armed with an impressive collection of basses (most of which are blue, of course), over 1 million TikTok followers and a Capitol Records signing, Blu DeTiger is deservedly popping up all over the place.

‘Hot Crush Lover’ is ferociously catchy and bursting with that wondrous bass flair and lyrical charm we were acquainted with in Blu’s 2021 debut EP ‘How Did We Get Here?’. This track feels bolder and punchier than what we’ve heard before. Echoes of disco, jazz and funk in the basslines quietly decorate her indie pop-centric sound. Virtuosic drops adorn the snappy choruses. With a flair for the grooviest melodies, we shouldn’t be surprised that Blu’s background is brimming with rock and jazz influence, but also that her busy New York upbringing pushed an impressively driven work ethic. The result of her formative years in music is a complex and studied sound.

While the bass is (perhaps obviously) stellar, the synths and guitar riffs that serve up supporting melodies are of the same high standard - the vocals are crisp and animated while delivering confident lyrics. Blu’s style is effortlessly cool and sweetly embellished by exquisite production.

A perfectly poised release to fall into summer playlists, ‘Hot Crush Lover’ brings with it all the sunshine-soaked riffs and harmonies needed for a hefty dose of serotonin. Wildly danceable and perfect to groove to, ‘Hot Crush Lover’ is a verifiable bop.

Have a boogie with Blu on her upcoming tour: 

May 10th - London - Colours
May 14th - Manchester - The Deaf Institute