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With live music currently a distant memory, MelodyVR helps to rejuvenate the experience from the comfort of our sofas.
Published: 17/06/2020   Author: Eleanor Osada
Photo: Composite image, courtesy of MelodyVR and Bobby Hendry
MelodyVR launched in 2018 with a simple mandate: not to replace the live music experience, but to harness the power of virtual reality to get people closer to the music they love.

Prior to the pandemic, when live music was alive and thriving, artists that filled arenas and stadiums relied on intense visual content and huge production teams in aims of immersing an audience. Now that nearly everything musical has become remote for the time being - aside from the odd drive-in concert - MelodyVR have taken the reigns. For those missing the magic of witnessing live music, particularly the feeling of being present in a venue, MelodyVR is the closest emulation — and therefore perfect for a monotonous indoor life, absent of concerts.

The company’s founders wanted to eliminate barriers such as distance, age, cost and capacity, all the while not realising the extra ‘bonus’ of a VR live music service existing during a quarantine. Because of MelodyVR, artists can reach more fans than ever before, with a level of intimacy which has previously not been possible.

MelodyVR is actually the only licensed VR music platform, and has the world’s largest library of exclusive immersive and interactive music experiences from the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Post Malone, Niall Horan, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, to artists making cultural waves – Mabel, Sigrid, Rudimental and Ghetts, and established names like KISS, The Who, Kelly Clarkson and Jamiroquai.
Photo: One of the sessions, courtesy of MelodyVR.

The app features a trinity of different experiences via category: Shows, Originals and Journeys. ‘Shows’ allows a user to transport themselves to various worldwide festivals, venues and dancefloors, whereas ‘Originals’ provides exclusive, VR-only content and interactive worlds. ‘Journey’s is more flexible, tailored to your taste - enabling users to sort via genre, mood or theme via specially curated playlists. MelodyVR allows complete control, choosing what you see and even where you stand — whether that be down front, deep in the pit or even on stage.

MelodyVR is completely free to download, and also boasts of a range of free content - from secret sessions, to rooftop performances and guided tours from the artists themselves. Individual songs, whole Shows, Live performances, Originals, and the aforementioned curated Journeys are also available to buy in the app.

Available on your phone or VR headset (downloadable here), you can start watching performances right now - just head to the App Store for Apple devices, or Google Play if you’re on Android. If you’re using an Oculus Go, Quest or Samsung Gear VR, head to the Oculus Store.

In the last few weeks, MelodyVR launched Live from LA - a free virtual music series broadcast from a specially designed studio in Los Angeles. The studio setting aims to engage fans more than the usual performance might, with its extra level of intimacy (of course, the sessions are conducted under the highest levels of safety by artist and team, considering the current climate). Fan favourites currently involved include John Legend, Machine Gun Kelly and The Score - as well as upcoming artists, such as Alexander 23, a pop star in the making, along with Wafia, a soulful EDM artist from Australia. American actress and singer Katelyn Tarver also has a livestream featured, as well as Indie-pop gem Zella Day.

These sessions are available on-demand via the app right now.



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