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Seven frightful films that remind us how good it is to stay in.  
Published: 17/05/2020   Author: Melanie Eden
Photo: Jeremy Yap.
COVID-19 has taken its toll on everybody’s lives.

Some days are more difficult than others, where as some we feel perfectly capable of shutting the world out and focussing on our home lives. 

I felt that, to help protect the NHS and ourselves, it’s important that we have things to keep us entertained at home, and what’s better than some frightful blockbusters that remind us how great it can be to stay home? 

Today I will share a very carefully comprised list of horror movies, both modern and old, that will make you think ‘you know, maybe it’s better I’m not at that party.’ Or even ‘I’m really quite glad I’m not going on holiday next week!’

So sit back, lock that door and take a wander through this equally horrifying and wonderful list that will remind you of the joys of staying in.

Photo: Courtesy of Vanyaland.

Aster’s sophomore movie Midsommar may initially make you feel like you want to get up and book that uber cheap flight to Sweden, but as you watch the events unfold in a whirlwind of summer colours and peaceful violin pieces, you’ll realise just how bad of an idea that may actually have been.

Midsommar begins with tragedy, and throughout the movie we are scarcely distracted from the heartbreak as we are subjected to a brand new world, one where the severe type of agony protagonist Dani is experiencing just doesn’t seem to exist.

We watch drug-induced dances, elderly rituals and strange recipes unfold as Dani slowly loses her last bit of sanity and begins to accept her new life among the cult she initially felt wary of.

Fortunately for us, we aren’t in any danger of accidentally becoming a cult leader this Midsommar; but luckily, we are in for a visual horror treat with Aster’s 2019 hit, which is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Photo: Courtesy of Film Affinity

A party among a dance troupe turns sour after they discover their sangria has been spiked with copious amounts of LSD. Tensions rise as the group grow weary of the few members who haven’t drank the sangria, and which of them could be responsible for their EDM soundtracked terror.

While our summers may have looked a lot like the basis of Climax, this party of horrors makes us feel some gratitude towards the fact we are now all introverts, and that parties may be off the table for this years summer.

Noé is a master of suspense and terror, and if you’re an avid horror fan unable to skip to the cinema to catch the latest big screen boogeymen, Noé has you covered for some more real life terrors that’ll definitely gift you with gratitude for your current quarantine..

Sangria, dancing and a neon-laced whodunit are all thriving inside Noé’s latest hit Climax that is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Photo: Courtesy of Kick The Seat

Unfortunately this ten-year-old terror doesn’t feature any platinum blonde princesses with ice powers, but maybe you’ve had enough of them, anyway? No, this movie is a far more realistic one.

Three friends travel to a ski resort in New England, and on their last day are eager for one last run down the mountain, unfortunately for them, the workers are neglectful to their situation and leave them stuck up on the chairlift. To make matters worse, no one will be back at the ski resort until the following weekend, meaning the friends would have to, somehow, survive six days in unbearable temperatures.

With plenty of gore and good scares, Frozen will remind you that in your living room, everybody can hear you scream.

Frozen is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime.

Photo: Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting

Cub is an underrated Belgian gem. A young boy, Sam, who doesn’t really fit in with his fellow cub scouts, finds himself obsessed with the story of a supposed feral boy named Kai.

Not long after the story is initially told, Sam disbands from his group and finds himself face to face with a real feral boy, who he very quickly believes to be Kai himself. His warnings fall on deaf ears, however, and the scouts’ trip to the mountains is very quickly ruined.

Cub is a fast-paced movie, with plenty of twists and turns and suitable gore to keep you distracted from the real world.

This whimsical horror is available on Shudder, which you can access through Amazon Prime.

Photo: Courtesy of Watcha

What’s a horror list without a classic body horror? This gem takes place in a gas station after a couple get hijacked on their way to their honeymoon.  

The fun thing about these types movies is that, even though the possibilities of a situation like this ever happening to you or someone you know are slim, you find yourself planning your escape and your every next move.

With subpar acting, shaky camera work and fantastic special effects, Splinter serves as a fun and slightly nauseating watch, that’ll make you glad your honeymoon has been postponed.

If gore and monsters seems like something you’d like, Splinter is available on Amazon Prime.

Photo: Courtesy of Mental Floss

A horror classic that still hits as hard as it did when it was first released all those years ago. Jaws serves as a sharp-toothed reminder of the dangers of a innocent family day to the beach.

Jaws is rightly hailed as one of the greatest horror movies of all time (and, of course, the greatest shark movie ever) but even still, if you find yourself a little more wary of horror movies, Jaws is a fantastic place to start.

With a mellower amount of gore than modern horror, Jaws packs a punch with its effective scenes portraying the deaths of several characters to us, and perhaps even worse, shark attacks that don’t end in death.

Jaws is available to rent on Amazon Prime.

Photo: Courtesy of Washington Post

Last on the list is pure horror comedy gold, Kevin Smith’s 2014 whimsical tale, Tusk.

An arrogant podcast host looks to find a new guest, but upon the discovery that his latest chosen guest has passed, he sets out on a new search, and meets someone he surely wishes he hadn’t.

To keep it short and sweet, this seemingly sweet old man our protagonist meets, wants to turn our hero host into a walrus. Yes, a walrus. He want to do this because, apparently, he was once saved by a walrus, and due to the fact he can’t legally own one, he has decided to mutilate a human into a walrus. Are you on board?

If you are, good! Tusk is a fantastic movie. Not in the same sense as classics like Citizen Kane or The Godfather, but in the same way as afore mentioned Splinter, or older body horrors such as Videodrome or Society, but it is still a good time, and gives you a good few laughs.

The real horror lies in the first view of the crazy old man’s walrus creation, which is equally as disturbing as it is funny, due to some strange zoom work on the camera.

Tusk is a winner, it’ll make your day, and definitely make you think twice about breaking quarantine to meet someone new.

This champ is available to rent on Amazon Prime.

Quarantine is hard for all of us. 

We all wish health and happiness on each other, and we all wish to see our loved ones, but, we will one day soon. 

Fight the temptation to break the rules, stay in, have a ball watching some ridiculous movies or hide behind your couch with some real genuine horror gems!

Whatever you do, look after you and yours. We will get through this.



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