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An EP that softens electronic genre boundaries and shines a light on Euro-drone.  
Published: 01/01/2021   Author: Oisin O’Brien
Photo: Art by Evgueni Toroide, courtesy of Arlylza.
Arlylza is an exciting creative label, rooted in both Berlin and Amsterdam, the collective is producing innovative audio-visual art that combines a wide scope of electronic music with eclectic visuals. In October, the label released a new compilation highlighting international fresh talent. To be in the know and break down the release, I’m here to fill you in on what to expect from this boundary-breaking compilation.

1. Haydeé Jiménez & Evgueni Toroide (Tijuana, MX):

As both a producer and trans-disciplinary artist, it is not a surprise that Haydeé Jiménez’s (a.k.a. Hidhawk) work combines cultural and musical interest. The stunning visual display by Evgueni Toroide perfectly matches the spacey, desolate sound. The music is rich, yet eerie, capable of leaving the listener with a sense of loss. The visuals are textured and bleed into each other: the darkness is contrasted with sharp colour, booming tones collide with inflections of buoyancy, all while feeling and looking so empty - something that mirrors the audio perfectly. A highly successful collaboration between two talented artists.

For fans of: Hot Chip, Four Tet

Photo: Courtesy of Sabiwa’s Facebook.

2. Sabiwa (Berlin, DE):

SABIWA is an experimental electronic producer and performer from Taiwan, but based in Berlin. The talented audio-visual producer interprets reincarnation through bass-heavy rhythms, dissected sound-art and intense vocal gymnastics. SABIWA’s latest work feels like her most insular to date. She describes her initial musical approach as like “being inside an aquarium”, and this is reflected in this visual with a jellyfish floating in a tank along to the dreamlike soundscape. This breaks and switches to a visual of SABIWA with her speaking in her native language now over the beat, finally switching again back to the maritime imagery. Imaginative and bold, this work combines dreamlike soundscape with dreamlike imagery. It is clearly a personal piece of art, and with sharp, vibrant vocal styling, it makes for a true art-pop experience.

For fans of: Björk

3. Zois Loumakis (The Hague, NL):

“Evocative” and “futuristic” are the first words that come to mind upon viewing ‘Homeomorphism’. The term Homeomorphism refers to a continuous inversion (much like the like the most popular film of last year, Tenet). The visuals for this one are staggering, with gorgeous lights and landscapes eroding and evolving into each other. This is done masterfully using a custom-made software to morph one virtual model space into another. The sound directly affects the imagery, constantly transforming it. The piece is a technical feat, and the work of staggering mind and a 3D scanner. Zois Loumakis is primarily interested in compositions made by the use of light, sound, space and custom-made software.

For fans of: Caribou

4. Georgie McVicar (London, UK):

Georgie McVicar is an electronic artist with a message. This is evident in their latest work, Agenbite of Inwit. Warnings flash on the screen as ominous beats drone in the background. The flashing imagery and multicoloured lighting adds to the urgency of this provoking release. A UK artist on the rise, Georgie McVicar parallels their robust beats with vibrant visuals. It makes for eager, impactful electronica.

For fans of: Kraftwerk

Photo: Courtesy of James Whistler's Youtube.

5. James Whistler (Utrecht, NL):

In a bright, buoyant trance, the atmosphere of James Whistler’s new piece is truly euphoric. Using a colourful light show to reflect the joy of this piece, this music is calling out to be played in clubs and danced to. As an interdisciplinary artist, this Dutch talent combines his saturated audio with equally glossy visuals. The patterns harken back to the 80s, but the finish is pristine and modern. An innovative piece of trip-hop and future garage fusion - a nod to past with full focus on the future.

For fans of: Jamie XX

6. Creax & Aliz Soós (Ghent, BE):

Dark, industrial electronica. A clean urgent sound. Geometric stylised video to match the trip-hop sound. Creax brings bold, brash sounds that pack a punch, with Aliz Soós accentuating this sound with combative visuals. This project refuses to be ignored.

For fans of: Crystal Castles

7. Torn Palk & Krumme Visuals (Berlin, DE):

Bold and in-your-face, this exciting German artist is bringing the heat with strange fashion. The visuals are warped, and the fashion itself influenced by Pussy Riot. Heavy bass and guitar give this project a rebellious feel. With true punk spirit and anarchist energy, strange fashion will leave you feeling energised.

For fans of: Shame, Slow Thai

8. Olo & Kent & JAGO (London, UK):

Warped visuals that morph into one another and an industrial buzz. This track feels like a warning call. A warning to not sleep on this dynamic project. It climaxes where the visual breaks, leaving the listener with an unsettling buzz of sound, the experience is meant to be enjoyed in a fusion of audio and visual stimulation. Durgy sounds and art in motion.

For fans of: Nine Inch Nails

9. Massimiliano Cerioni (Italy):

Striking, Italian electronic music - Asleep? is a sinister wave of noise, accompanied by ghostly red light and overcast, reflective visual. Massimiliano Cerioni is a sound-artist and composer and marries the two art forms of audio and visual seamlessly in this installation. Based in the Netherlands, this ambient and effervescent project is spectacular, perfectly fitting to the compilation at hand.

For fans of: Cevdet Erek Carsten Nicolai

Arlylza is bringing international audio-visual artists to the forefront. Forward-thinking electronica and spacey visuals make for a compilation for the future. Whether you are after dance-oriented trance, or heavy-duty, mechanical electronica, this new exciting label has a lot to offer.

Listen to the compilation on Bandcamp.



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